Monday, July 4, 2011

Necropolis Knights - Done and Dusted

I'm finally finished with the remaining Necropolis Knights.  This makes the unit 6 strong including full command.  Doubtful I will ever field a 6 man unit, but this gives me some options.

This weekend I finished the final touches that make the unit pop.  One thing that really came out great was that I removed the tabs on the Cold One feet and pinned them to the base.  With texture and paint I did my best to blend the feet into the base.  Also, I'm really happy with how the bases came out.  I was going to use resin bases and I actually bought about $70 of bases from Dragon Forge.  Instead I opted for my own bases made with plasticard and sand. 

Again, my apologies for the pix.  I need a light box!  :)



Mr Saturday said...

Very nice unit. I think removing the tabs on the cold ones was a good idea, they sit much nicer on the scenic bases now.

Kuffeh said...

They look awesome completed, great stuff! I really like the half covered flagstones.

Roder said...

Those really turned out well!

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