Monday, July 11, 2011

Back from Blood in the Sun

I just spent up the weekend at the Blood in the Sun tournament.  I had a blast, spent a lot of time with old friends and made quite a few new friends.  I also got to finally meet Grant Fetter and all the Garage Hammer & Ohio Hammer guys as well as the gamers from the Twisted Troop in Iowa(ish).

I traveled up there with my great friend Jeff Tupper and Rob Phaneuf.  Rob drove up to my house from Memphis, TN and we then made the trek up to Chicago land.

Quick note on my games (More Extensive bat rep later) - only 1 game vs. a guy I didn't know but that didn't make my games any less awesome.

Game 1 - Steve Haver - Beasts (MI) - 20-0   Big Win
Game 2  -Dan Ruud - Demons (WI or IL) - 15-5  Major Win
Game 3 - Johnny Hastings - Beasts (WI) - 8 - 12  Minor Loss (*I got greedy & John punished me for it)
Game 4 - Miel Vermulen - VC (WI) - 11 - 9  Minor Win (Just squeaked this out)
Game 5 - Nick Loef - WoC (IL)  - 13-7  Minor Win

Very pleased with my finish and that + really high sports (& really low comp) and moderate paint - netted me 5th place overall.  Very tickled!

Full Results are here!

I was glad I got to meet Brad Schwandt (Rhellion) but was gladder I got to dodge his list.  His double seers is a big answer to my lizard list and would bring the pain.  If we both make it to Core Comp I'm gonna have to bite the bullet and challenge him round 1. 

Cheers for now,

PS - see I'm not dead.  Just been sick.  Should get back to blogging semi-regularly now.  :-)


Ryan said...

Domus - great finally meeting you this weekend. I've been following your blog for awhile now and really enjoyed the Rules of the Day. Thanks for mentioning the Troop, 2 of us were from Iowa and 2 from Minnesota.

~Lord Baerion

Domus said...

Ryan - Likewise man, good to meet you and your crew as well. Thanks for the location update! Hopefully we will get a game in soon!


retroalias said...

Nice review GB! Looking forward to Waupaca next year!

Domus said...

Thanks Rob! We can't go until January without something. Looks like I'm gonna have to head to Memphis in the fall!

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