Thursday, June 9, 2011

Warhammer Fantasy Podcasts

As I listen to more than my fair share of gaming podcasts I figured I would share my current playlist and a review of my favorite casts.  Other bloggers, like Rhellion, have provided leads to other interesting casts that I would have otherwise overlooked.  I primarily listen to the podcasts each morning when walking the dogs, in the car and during my painting sessions.  I find Point Hammered somehow perfectly apropos as I'm bending down to pick up dog s%$t.  I try to listen to all of the Warhammer Fantasy centric casts, but with their increased proliferation it is starting to be more difficult.   To kick things off I'm going to start with two of my favorite Warhammer Podcasts.
This is one of my favorite casts as it really hits on all of the notes that, for me, make a great Warhammer podcast.  The circus is piloted by 2 hosts that really play well off of each other using a heavy dose of tongue in cheek, pun-laden banter.  One plays the role of the A typical gamer while the other the role of the self described fluff bunny.  Their quixotic attempt to stay on topic is especially funny when the break the 4th wall and acknowledge their inability to reign in their latest digression.  I appreciate their ability to articulate their viewpoints without needlessly being confrontational, even when their views are diametrically opposed.  They do an excellent job of expanding the casts' perspective and knowledge base by bringing in other members of their gaming community.  Finally, I actually enjoy the long format as they use the time to cover more topics rather than just beating the proverbial dead horse to death.  
Point Hammered
Let me first say that I had to warm up to this cast.  The first few times I listened I couldn't get past its' rude, crass and in your face nature.  After a few episodes I realized that this wasn't a superficial element added to the cast to gain shock value.  It turns out that these guys actually this strange in real life.  Even more surprising is the fact they do actually know what the heck they are talking about.  Another interesting aspect of the cast is that each host kind of fulfills one of the three roles in the wargaming trinity; gaming, painting and sportsmanship.  Finally, I really enjoy the sometimes unique topics which are a refreshing change of pace to tactics and painting.    
Here is my current playlist in no particular order.
  • Garagehammer
  • Point Hammered
  • Bad Dice
  • HeelanHammer
  • Brohammer
  • Waaagh Cast
  • CanHammer
  • Ohiohammer
  • Podhammer
  • Two Gamer Radio
  • SeanHammer
  • D6 Generation
  • Gamers Lounge
  • Tabletop Hooligans
  • Worlds End Radio


Equinox said...

I love Waaagh Cast and Garagehammer. Heel N Hammer and Bad Dice are also quite good. Strongly dislike Pointhammer for the reasons you mention.

Domus said...

Pointhammered & Brohammer are my current favorites and the only ones I consistently listen to.

It helps that all of the guys involved with the casts are close friends and for me it's like hanging out with my boyz. I'm an HPB in spirit if not in name.

Johnny Hastings said...

Those Point Hammered guys are real douche bags. I second Equinox on this one.

Domus said...


retroalias said...

You are certainly not for everyone Mr. Hastings. :)

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