Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Warhammer Fantasy Podcast Review Part 3

Welcome to the next installment of the Warhammer Fantasy Podcast review.  Next up I would like to focus on a few more of the great podcasts based in the United States.
This is another must have in any respectable fantasy focused podcast play list.  While it has two hosts the similarity to other podcasts ends there.  They are physically located in different places which gives them two separate local gaming stores from which to report.  They are also not separated by the normal power gamer and hobbyist line of demarcation.  In fact, never having met Joe, I'm not entirely sure how I would go about dividing them up.  Suffice it to say I love the unintentional comic relief provided by Joe giving Chuck a hard time on just about everything.  The cast is based out of Illinois, which is one of the strongest hotbeds of Warhammer Fantasy in the US, which gives them access to a plethora of talented guests for the show.  I really enjoy that they make a strong effort to make the show format consistent and the information as timely as possible.  Also, there is a concentrated effort to keep the episodes shorter in length which is nice change of pace as not everyone has time for a 4 hour podcast. 
One of the newer kids on the block this is definitely Warhammer Fantasy for the dirty south (it's a US thing for you UK readers).  You should note that you will find the cast doubly enjoyable if you are into home brewing (or just beer in general).  One thing that sticks out is that this cast really has great production value and the main host, Erik Lindley, certainly has a voice made for radio.  In addition to his broth Kevin, Erik is regularly joined by the legend, Tom McClure, and from the great white north, Andrew Webber.  These additions really gives Brohammer an excellent spread of gaming perspectives from which to draw, from the gentleman gamer to the hardcore tournament player.  The "Real Men" parodies that have become a main stay of the show are really well thought and at times comedic genius.  The one real knock on the show is that they are not put out consistently enough to fill my appetite.  I have a fever and the only prescription is more Brohammer.


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