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Rule of the Day - Sequencing

Rule of the Day - 06/09/2011

*The Fibonacci Sequence at work!

Sequencing - pg 10
Whilst every effort has been made to make sure that the sequencing of rules is utterly clear, occasionally you'll find that two or more rules are to be resolved at the same time - normally 'at the start of the Movement phase' or similar.  When this happens, and the wording is not explicit as to which rule is resolved first, then the player whose turn it is chooses the order.

There are numerous situations which can trigger these types of conflicts which would invoke sequencing.  My buddy Joe, of Pointhammered fame, recently asked me a question on this and a few other items.

Joe writes;
Hey Domus, I see your latest Rule of the Day is about challenges.

Our situation was Johnny's Gor Horde w/ Beastlord vs Treeman Ancient w/ Annoyance. Fear, Primal Fury, and Challenges always happen at the start of combat and we were dicing each turn whether the challenge happened first or the other two rolls, since it could make a difference if he could not use the General's Ld.

Now that I think about it, I think when the order is not clear the player's whose turn it is decides the order so on my turn his general slinks to the back then takes the unit Ld checks, on his turn he does the Ld checks and then slinks the general. Do you agree? Or do you think there is a strict hierarchy to the order?

If the General is in the back, I would argue that no units can use his Inspiring Presence for the rest of the turn according to the wording of the Refusal paragraph in the Challenges section. What do you think?

(This would be a good way to bust skavenslave blocks or other shit units that rely on the General's Ld)

My reply

Challenges, Fear, Primal Fury all happen at the start of the combat means "Sequencing" kicks in.

So on Johnnys turn, he would do all tests first (as that benefits him) and then refuse.
On joes turn - challenge first and put the dude in the back.

Pg 102 says his Ld. may not be used for ANY leadership tests that turn if he gets dropped in the back rank. (*though don't Skaven have 'lead from the rear' or was that the previous book only)



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