Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rule of the Day - Basic Versus Advanced

Rule of the Day 06/14/2011

Basic Versus Advanced - pg 11
Where rules apply to a specific model, they always override any contradicting basic rules.  For example, the basic rules state that a model must take Panic test under certain situations.  If, however, that model has a rule that makes it immune to Panic, then it does not test for Panic - the advanced rule takes precedence.

 The end of the basic rules can be found in a little "blurb box" in the bottom right hand corner of page 63 labeled THE FOUNDATION IS COMPLETE!

Basic Rules         Pages 1 - 63
Advanced Rules  Pages 64+

There was recently some discussion which prompted this on The Warhammer Forum about reforming a unit from victory, which was still in combat on 1 side, and turning a unit to face an impending flank charge - thus giving the current enemy a flank.  The question was "I had thought it wouldn't work because you can't move a model out of contact with the enemy, so if the command models are in contact they have to stay there and can't form the new front."

The command groups rules which force command models to always be in the front are on pg 92.

Combat Reform rules are on pg 55.

Combat reform would happen and the command would move to the front under the Advanced > Basic principle.



John@Plastic Legions said...


Odd one for you came up tonight
Hellcannon vs Iron Curse Icon
Since the Hellcannon is type "monster" but shoots like a Warmachine..does the Icon Curse Icon work against it?, do you get the save? what say you sir! thanks.

Mark said...

Two questions for you sir!

First is simple, if you have hatred and you kill your opponent in the first round of combat MUST you overrun or do you have a choice?

Second question revolves around the TK book. If the casket of souls casts it's new bound spell on a Lizardmen army - how is the leadership check resolved? The TK book states that you roll 3 dice and add them together then minus your leadership. The result if positive means that player loses that many models with no saves. However, the Lizardmen army is cold blooded and rolls 3 dice for leadership and removes the highest? What are your thoughts on this new rule?

Domus said...

John - I will have to check my WoC book at home and get back to you. Unless it says "counts as a warmachine" someplace then no, it wouldn't work.

Mark -Hatred - Hatred no longer HAS to pursue or overrun. Frenzy is the only special BRB rule forcing that.

As to the second question - I do plan to do a Rule of the day about that. Lots of folks are going one way or the other and some are recommending even rolling 4D6 and discarding the highest. I think if you discount 1 special rule (cold blooded) for the casket that can't hardly be right.

My take = Roll 3D6 for casket - discard the highest for Lizards. K.I.S.S principle at work.

Obviously I can be accused of bias as a guy currently playing lizards but it's the only way to play it without making up rules or discounting rules.

Mark said...

After much thought on this subject, I think that GW intended that the TK player gets to add one additional die to the basic leadership roll. My thoughts are this, the Lizardmen player rolls 3d6 and discards the highest die to determine their normal leadership for that roll. Now, after that has been completed you roll one addition die that can not be adjusted. In this way, the Cold Blooded rule is not circumvented and also the TK Casket has not been tossed out either. A bit long winded of an explanation but a workable solution. Each race rolls their normal leadership and after you add the d6 for the TK Casket. Really that simple! What do you think about this proposal?

Domus said...

GW answered it finally in the updated FAQ. Lizards or TK.

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