Sunday, June 5, 2011

I decided that the chain mail didn't come out that well as it's almost too small of a scale to be really discern what it is.  Plus, there is no chain mail on any of the TK models.  So instead I took my hand at trying scale armor instead.  Made with the a slightly larger "C" tool.  The difference is that it's made sort of like shingles if that makes sense.  Here the first attempt.  Fortunately, no matter what I end up doing on the Cold Ones only a small portion on the outer facing side will be visible.  :)

 Here is a shot with the comparing the chain mail to scale mail.


Domus said...

I don't think you are getting the effect you are after.

I think you should either do armor plates (use brown stuff) or just add scales (roll out a tube of GS, slice off thin discs, stick em on lizard and shape).

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