Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Gigantic Classic

I've been working off and on on getting this guy ready for paint over the last week.  I've always loved this model, this Marauder Giant.  One of the classics - so few of which I actually enjoy.

I've wanted to paint him and always saw him as a great fit in my Sigmar Ogre army.  I've decided not to convert him at all and leave this classic beast as a classic.

I started painting last night, while chatting with some friends over teamspeak.  I managed to get the skin basecoated, washed, tidied up and then 2 layers applied.  Slowly but surely I will get this beast done!  I love painting and I am glad to be back painting anything but this model definitely is a favorite.

I will update with more pics (& hopefully much better pics - these are all from the iPhone) as I progress.



Kuffeh said...

That is a great giant, I remember that beasty.

I also really like the skin tone. I meant to comment on your other ogre stuff I have seen, a real nice choice of skin colour. Very interesting.

Domus said...

Thanks Kuffeh!

The ogres are a fun side project and an army I want to expand as time goes on. Just as a side project though.


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