Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Finecast Myth 1 Debunked!

So I checked on the Mandrake Torso & Weapon I left on my porch (but not in the sun) last night before bed (roughly 11:50 - A little over 12 hours later). 

The thermometer on the porch read 90F yesterday around 6:00 PM.

Amazingly enough, I did NOT find pools of melted miniatures.

Even the bendy weapon seemed to be in the same exact state (that of a bendy weapon).

How can this be? 

I'm leaving em out now all day today (still not in the sun) for the next test - temps are supposed to reach 90F-95F today here in central Illinois.



Roder said...

Quit being rational. Screaming bloody murder over what someone else said online somewhere is clearly the preferred methodology.

Maz said...

You're not likely to see any deformation on a model of that type / size.

The issue revolves around the material softening to the point where a narrow section will not support a heavier-weighted end. An example is the banner on Azhag, or the rearing Shadowfax that we've all seen. In the latter case, it's likely that the attempt to reinforce actually made the problem worse (the pin causing internal stress that holed the leg). In either case, it's not acceptable that a material that has to self-support in certain designs, doesn't. This is the reason that many resin kits provide lances etc as brass rod rather than cast resin.

Domus said...

Fair points Maz.

Sounds like the issue isn't as much finecast per se, but the decision to cast models (which were designed to be cast in pewter) out of resin where the failure resides.

Veni Vidi Vici said...

What pressure were the pieces under?

PsychosisPC said...

Amazing, everyone I read says they are candle wax like......

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