Thursday, June 2, 2011

Chain Mail - First Attempt

Working on the Cold One Chariots I decided to try my hand at sculpting chain mail.  Scouring the Internet I gleamed a few tips and was pretty confident that I at least had a shot to make it look half way decent.  Here are the shots from my first attempt. 

To build my "chain mail" tool I took a hypodermic needle and filed away one side so that it formed a "C" shape when looking at it from the end.  I then mounted it into an hobby knife handle.  I added the paint to make it easier to identify which direction the "C" was facing.  To sculpt the chain mail it was as simple as pressing in a row of "C"s in a straight line across the surface and alternating the direction of the "C"s on adjacent lines.

While I'm happy with how the chain mail came out I'm leaning towards switching to some sort of plate mail for the remainder of the cold ones.


Spanky_100 said...

The jury is out on this one. It just doesn't look like chain mail to me. More of a textured blanket. Hard work!

retroalias said...

Agreed. Plus it was took forever to do.

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