Thursday, June 2, 2011

Army Building 103

A couple months ago I detailed the basics of how I've gone about collecting my armies over the years.  To sum up it's buy everything and then buy more of it.  The net result is I have a ton of models spread over a few huge armies.  Over the last few months I've realized that this approach really has not helped my efforts to be more competitive both as a player and a painter as it has limited my opportunities.  I've decided to flip the script with my next army (after I get bored of adding to the TK).  My next army will be High Elves based on the theme I detailed last year.   With the theme in mind, but before I paint a single model, I will develop a competitive list using proxies.  One the list is finalized I will get to cracking on painting the army.  I'm also going to set a limit of 3K on this collection just so it doesn't get out of hand!  No idea if that will work or not, but it's worth a try.


Domus said...

So I am a positive influence after all! Who knew?

retroalias said...

I suppose so. You powergame cheeze is rubbing off! :)

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