Monday, May 9, 2011

Warmachine - A dabbling

First dabble into Warmachine. I've yet to play the game.

First figure I've painted in ages and it felt really good. I tried to stay simple and neat but add a unique factor in the form of the "water drops" on the jacks body (primarily the shoulders). There is lots more that could be done but as this is a secondary game system for me, at least at the moment, this is as far as I'm willing to take it.



Nitz said...

Very impressive, as always Domus! I look forward to see a few newly painted models come through the pipeline.

Domus said...

Thanks! I hope to knock out the rest of the battleforce in the coming weeks.

TrekkerYu said...

I like it! Water droplets is a nice & different idea. The thing is whenever I see games at my FLGS (tournament or otherwise), the armies are a mix of primed, bare plastic and painted. Not as much pageantry I've come to expect in WHF, which is disappointing.

Domus said...

Chris - You guys need to just lead by example.

That is the downside to the Page 5 mentality though. :-(

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