Thursday, May 5, 2011

Twitter and Gaming

Inspired by Rhellion's Tabletop I too will call for more gamers to head to twitter to build a better Twitter wargamer community.

When I first heard of Twitter I thought it was crazy and who in their right mind would do such things. It's kind of neat though to chat with gamers worldwide if you have a question about a unit, rule, lingo, etc... Most of the popular podcasters are regulars there as well.

I know I post the Rules of the Day there, any mini progress I happen to make, random smart-ass comments and other general musings. I do follow a few of my favorite celebrities as well (Tosh.0 is hilarious) for the humor aspect.

Here is a list of my favorite Twitter posters you should definitely follow:
@ginger_buddha - This is me! My buddy Joe Rogers from Pointhammered coined this nickname for me after 20 years of being Domus. Nicknames are fun!

@Rhellion - A very active hardcore gamer. This guy is a huge part of the reason I stuck with Twitter as his posts from Adepticon were just flat awesome. Helped me feel like I was there.

@Heelanhammer - Dan Heelan, major Twitter poster from the Heelanhammer podcast
@Baddice_podcast - Ben Curry and Ben Johnson of Bad Dice
@Garagehammer - The Garage Hammer podcast
@Voxcaster - Games Workshop on Twitter
@FBroundup - Fantasy Battle Roundup, great blog and regular Twitter poster
@bluntforcegamer - another great Twitter poster, blogger, and podcaster
@Brohammer_Cast - Erik Lindley from Brohammer Cast (Tom McClure posts here sometimes also)
@tom_mcclure - a great friend and gamer
@the_xenite - Another good friend and a guy now providing sculpting tips via Twitter

If you sign up just look to see who I am following and you will get an endless stream of gamer goodness!



FBroundup said...

Thanks for the shout out Dom...I'm finally getting caught up on my blog reading and podcast listening! The new edition to the family has been a lot of work :-)

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