Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rule of the Day - Reforming

Rule of the Day 05/03/2011

There are a number of times when units can reform. Some require LD tests, some apply break test modifiers, some require musicians, etc... It's a bit crazy to try and keep all straight. Here is what I see as a definitive list on reforming.

Keeping the Centre point of the unit the same, arrange the unit into a new formation of as many ranks as you wish. Remember that none of the models in the unit can move more than twice their Movement rate.

**NOTE - The current BRB FAQ does not require the centre point of the unit to remain the same when making a combat reform. - edited 05/04/2011**

Normal Reform - pg 14
Sacrifice All Movement & Shooting

Swift Reform - pg 95
Musician Required
Leadership test required to reform
Happens during Remaining Moves
Unit Can't March but can shoot (-1 applies)
*unless it has a move or fire weapon obviously

Charged a Fleeing Enemy - pg 23
Must complete a charge against a fleeing enemy
Move into contact with the fleeing enemy and stop
Leadership test required to reform

Rallying a Fleeing Unit - pg 24
When Fleeing unit srally they immediately reform

WIPEOUT - pg 53
If your side completely wipes out the other you automatically restrain pursuit and may reform
*note certain situations may require you to overrun (Frenzy for example) which may negate this

Combat Reform
Reforming From Victory - pg 55
Your Unit Wins or Draws Combat but the enemy did not flee
It cannot be used to get a model out of base contact with the enemy
Can not be engaged on more than 1 facing

Reforming Amid Defeat - pg 55
Your Unit lost combat but did not flee
Leadership test required to reform - this is subject to any modifiers unless your unit is Steadfast/Stubborn/Unbreakable
Can not be engaged on more than 1 facing

Restrain Pursuit - pg 56
Enemy lost the break test & fled
Your unit passed test to restrain
*note certain situations may require you to pursue (Frenzy for example) which may negate this

Unit Types
Fast Cav - pg 68
Skirmishers - pg 77
Both types of units are allowed to reform as many times as it wishes during its move, even if it marches, provided that no model ends up moving a numbe rof inches higher than double its Movement rate.



Ryan said...

I would also like to add that while completing a combat reform you are not required to keep the same center.

I believe this was an errata edition to the rule.

Domus said...

Good point - I will go add it to the list.

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