Friday, May 27, 2011

Rule of the Day - Plague Furnace

Rule of the Day - 05/27/2011

Inspired by Chris Walker from IWFB, I have decided to start occasionally including Army Specific rules. Chris had given me a tip right before ArdBoyz which made a huge difference in my game. The furnace only 'swings' on the skaven turn.

This Buds for you Chris!

The Skaven Plague Furnace - pg 48/49
  • Treated as a mount for the Plague Priest
  • Frenzy / Impact Hits (D6) / MR(2)
  • Furnace & Monks pushing it are unbreakable as long as Furnace still has 1 wound remaining
  • Treats Terrain in the same manner as chariots (FAQ)
  • Unit the furnace is joined to marches, charges and pursues normally as long as the unit has 10 models. For every model the unit drops below 10, thhe unit deducts 1" from the move. If the unit is reduced to 5 or leass models it cannot move.

Billowing Death - Skaven Shooting Phase Only
  • Can't make this attack if in Close Combat
  • Flame template that touches furnace base and in furnace front arc
  • Toughness Test or 1 Wound no Armor save (just like plague censer)

Enshrouded by Fog
  • At the start of any close combat, any unit touching the furnace suffers D6 automatic hits. Toughness test for each hit or 1 wound no armor save.

Wrecker Attack - Controlling Skaven Combat turn only
  • Always Strikes Last (updated in latest FAQ)
  • Artillery Dice worth of Strength 5 hits distributed as shooting with an enemy in base to base and in the front arc of the furnace.
  • Misfire rolls on Plague Furnace misfire chart

Happy Furnace Hunting!



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