Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rule of the Day - Dispel Dice & Broken Concentration (Dispel)

Rule of the Day 05/25/2011

This one came up a couple of times in game at the Midwest Rampage 6 and I think I, and a few of my opponents, played it incorrectly.

Dispel - pg 35

Choose Number of Dispel Dice - pg 35
When dispelling, a Wizard can use any number of dispel dice. Unlike casting, there is no upper limit on the number of dice that can be used in a dispel attempt - though you must use at least one dice from the pool if you wish to attempt a dispel.

Dispel Value - pg 35
...skip to last pararagraph...

If the result on the dispel dice is less than the spell's casting result, the dispel attempt has failed. Furthermore, the Wizard is so preoccupied by his collapsing dispel that he is unable to attempt another later in the phase. Just as when casting a spell, a total natural dice score of 1 or 2 is always considered to be a failure, despite any modifiers. This is true regardless of bonuses, from any source. Note the army can always attempt to dispel, regardless of previous failures.

I'm sure I failed a dispel with my slann, as I think on it more, and dispelled again using his +4. Bad Domus...



mikeyb said...

I've done that too early in 8th. Fortunately my ard boyz list has 3 level 4 wizards for this. Left and right head of fateweaver and 40horrors.

Anonymous said...

Does it say in there that broken dispel concentration only stops a wizard from dispelling further during that phase?

What happens if a level 4 slann tries to dispel a remains in play spell at the beginning of the magic phase and fails? Can he no longer do anything else that phase or can he still cast spells?

Domus said...

Hi Anon! The book simply says he is unable to attempt another (dispel inferred) later in the phase.

So the Slann could cast but couldn't dispel.

truckeye said...

but can he use a dispel scroll?

Domus said...

I'll tomorrow to be sure but I believe it goes like this (my book is in the car).

Broken Dispel Concentration = may not attempt to dispel

Dispel scroll may be used INSTEAD of a dispel attempt.

So no scroll. I'll verify in the AM.

Domus said...

Just checked and the above comment is correct.

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