Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rule of the Day Challenge

I'd like to introduce the Rule of the Day Challenge. This will be a monthly (or more often) rules based contest. I will pose a question(s) and whoever answers using the rules justification I like the best will win a prize.

I pick, no whining please.

Rule of the Day Challenge # 1

After attending the Midwest Rampage this past weekend, I had my eyes open for rules I had to look up regularly or just plain weird stuff.

One of the weirdest things that happened was directly tied to Shadowblade, a special character from the DE book.

He was in a unit of salamanders that had fled a charge. On the DE turn, my opponent revealed him inside of that fleeing unit.

This opened up a few questions;
1. Does he count as charging so would the sallies auto-flee?
2. Would Shadowblade then get to pursue?

We had the TO rule both questions for our game.

So the challenge is;
How would you rule both questions and why? The best answer will receive 1 pack of magic cards, either the TK or O&G set.

Please send answers to ginger_buddha@yahoo.com.

Don't leave your answers as comments, they will be ignored.

**EDIT** - This contest will run until midnight on May 30th 2011 (GMT -6 or U.S. CST).




John@Plastic Legions said...

No answer, Just a comment.

Just an example of how poorly the GW rules are written and why I am looking to you James and not the rulebook on how to parse the rules.
You really need to develop an FAQ based on this series..it would be great.

how hard would be to say that hidden characters are auto revealed if the unit breaks?, that would have at least put you a position to figure this out before..the FUBAR situation you describe occurred..curious to what
the "rules" say for this..
my guess...a Jervis dice off!! LOL

Domus said...

Thanks for your support John.

GW misses stuff and its' sadly just a part of life.

Great idea on the FAQ. I know I could use it as a quick reference tool myself.

Maybe as a PDF for smartphones? :-)

BrotherYorei said...

id just like to know how a DE character ended up in a salamanders unit.

Domus said...

It was actually totally illegal for him to be there.

I honestly don't think my opponent knew that either as he hadn't played a whole lot of 8th ed. games.

Anonymous said...

You could rephrase it by changing the Salamander unit for another random infantry unit, say, skinks.

Domus said...

I thought about that but the challenge gets more interesting with a rules problem AND rules breaking (albeit unintentionally).

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