Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Reenforcements for the Army of Rasetra

So far I've only cracked open one kit.  I've got the stalkers assembled.  As some have already mentioned it's best to work on one at a time as the pieces can only go together one way.  Also that guarantees that all the icons on the bodies match.  They went together really fast and I really like how they turned out.

I've also got the riders assembled for my new knights.  As some of you know my army took inspiration from the Nagash books and I have a couple of chariots that incorporate "thunder lizards".  To take it to the next level I'm going to take my knights and mount them on Cold Ones.  This also makes the best use of the stalker/knight box set.  I've done my best to make the cold ones look more like dinosaurs by removing extra horns.  Also, I removed anything that screamed Dark Elf, like sharp points and rounded over the saddle.

Next up is my stegadon spynx conversion.  More pix to follow as the project continues.


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