Friday, May 6, 2011

My Tomb King History

I've been playing TK since the begining, way back in 6th edition.  My original TK army was vanilla flavored TK with no real theme.  Over the years it's grown to about 350 painted models (another 150 waiting for paint) and I added all the toys to play with including conversions for all of the magical items (like flail of skulls and chariot of fire).  However, as with everything I eventually got bored and put the TK aside.  Then I read the first Nagash book a couple of years ago and it got me reinvigorated to go back and do a new TK army.  I started a few units like a lizard chariot but my motivation weened and I never got the theme on track (hello Undead Centagores?).  So I put the idea of a jungle inspired Tomb Army from Rasetra on hold.  With the release of the new models and book I've picked the project back up.  Here are just a few pix of some of the interesting units of the original army. (they have been posted on several forums).  I will get some better snapshots in a couple of weeks at Mid West Rampage. 





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