Thursday, May 5, 2011

More Work in Process

Had a very enjoyable time putting the new sphinx kit together today. It went together very quickly, without any issues.  It may be the result of the awesome directions supplied but it is more likely the result of the excellent kit design.  In fact, I would suggest that it's probably the best plastic kit GW has produced.  Though to be fair I've not put together any of the other big gibblies like the HPA and Spider.

I also got a good jump on the stegadon war sphinx.  It was a pretty simple job of creating a flat spot on the stegadon's back and putting pins in the howdah.  Finally I filled in some of the voids with green stuff and tried to replicate the surrounding scales.  The crew went together easily, though like the stalkers you have to follow the directions closely as they only go together one way and the parts are not interchangeable.


Spanky_100 said...

Rob, I love your stuff but I cannot help but feel that the stegadon looks outta place. how are you gonna pull this one off?? I await updates with eagerness.

retroalias said...

The theme of my army is that the Tomb Kings from the city of Rasetra have taken conscripts from the jungles to the south. I took the inspiration from the Nagash books. In terms of how I'm going to pull it off my main goal is to make the units look less like Lizardman and more like dinosaurs with skeletons on their back. First step is to not paint them like Lizardmen. On a cold one chariot that I painted up a while back (will post a pic)I used an earth tone color pallet of greens and browns. I think it makes the model look more "realistic" and works well with the color scheme of the rest of the army. The second thing I'm doing to pull the theme off is to remove any details that scream Lizardmen or Dark Elves. Unfortunately, I did not do that on the chariot and it suffers for it. For example I left the crazy saddle pommel and all the sharp angles in place. For the knights I took the time to really go over the cold ones and change them up a bit. The stegadon does concern me a bit as there is not a lot I can remove from it, so I'm going to add some things to it to "tomb king" it up. The finally thing to pull off the theme is the bases. I need to avoid jungle bases as that says lizardmen. But sand bases, like the bulk of my army, won't work either. So I will probably go for an oasis look, kind of where the jungle meets the sand. Or another thought is to go with temple bases. What do you think?

retroalias said...

I also should mention that I want it to look like the Tomb Kings just harnessed up their reular equipment to their conscripts. I want to avoid it looking like the TK have hired Lizardman allies.

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