Monday, May 16, 2011

Inspiration for the Army of Rasetra

The inspiration for the army comes from the first Black Library Nagash book in which they detail Nekeharan chariots pulled by "Thunder Lizards".  These lizards were taken from jungles to the south and were relegated to pulling heavy chariots across the sands in the first campaign against Nagash.  However, the impact these chariots actually had on the campaign was diminished because of the difficulty in keeping the beasts alive in the desert.  However, the imagery of chariots being pulled by lizards was just to cool to pass up.  As Rasetra is the southern most city in ancient Nekehara and is closet to the jungles, it was logical to me to base the army there. 
The theme of this army is the use of live "Thunder Lizard" conscripts from the jungles to the south of Rasetra as mounts or beasts of burden.  To that end you won't see any  Lizardmen units per se.  It's essentially skeletons riding dinosaurs.  I've purposefully avoided any of the traditional Mayan/Aztec elements that is synonymous with the Lizardmen army. Where possible I've removed any details that would brand them as either Lizardmen or Dark Elf.  I've painted up the lizards in a non-traditional Lizardmen color scheme to make them look more like dinosaurs and less like Lizardmen.  Their color scheme is a heavy dose of green earth tones.  I haven't finalized the bases yet, but I want to give the appearance that the army is from a transitioal zone between a desert wasteland and a lush jungle. 
I actually started on the theme almost 2  years ago after I finished reading the book.  The first unit I finished was a Thunder Lizard chariot.  I liked the result but it didn't really represent  the light chariots the TK were using at the time.  Next I started working on a chariot using the old metal Stegadon kit.  I never finished it as my interest in the project waned.  That all changed when I started hearing the rumors for the new TK and I instantly got re-energized to get the project rolling again.  In the last two weeks I've built a War Sphinx and some Cold One mounted TK, which will stand in for Necropolils Knights for now.  I'm going to work in some Carnasaurs eventually, either as Necropolis Knights (which relegates the Cold Ones to regular skeleton horseman) or as a War Sphinx mount for a Tomb King.  I'm also looking forward to doing a large unit of chariots and some uber snake conversions for stalkers.  



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