Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hobby Bunker

One of the things I love is to see others folks hobby caves.  As I just recently gave mine some overdue TLC I figured I would share.  My Hobby Bunker resides in a bonus room above the garage.  It's a weird shape, but seems to be a good size to store all my stuff (sometimes known as crap by the wife).


Working in the medical device industry I've come across a couple of things at work that I've sequestered for my hobby enjoyment.  They are readily available and maybe you will find them useful in your own cave.  The first is called a microtiter plate (sometimes just referred to a titer plate).   They come in various sizes and colors and are available from different sources on the internet, just do a Google search.  These are honestly the BEST paint brush and tool holders ever. As they typically have at least 100 "wells" you can really pack things into a very small space.  Plus they are rectangular so they fit on the workspace better than a round holder.

Next I use unprinted medical device pouches as disposable paint pallets.  These pouches are polyethene on one side (this is the side I mix paint on) and they are either paper or Tyvek on the opposite side (this side gives the "pallet" its a white color).  They come in various sizes and after I cover them with paint I toss them in the bin and grab another.  The same thing could be accomplished by covering a white piece of untextured polystyrene with a clearn poly film.  When the film is spent, toss in the bin and replace.

Now I've got to get back the hobby bunker and finish cleaning!


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