Monday, May 9, 2011

GW updated the WHFB FAQ's

The updated FAQ's can be found on the GW website.

Updated FAQs
Warhammer BRB
Demons of Chaos
Dark Elves
Orcs & Goblins FAQ added
Ogre Kingdoms
Vampire Counts
Warriors of Chaos

Big Changes I noticed
Inspiring Presence is now optional
Okkam's Mindrazor now using the unit's LD
1+ doesn't auto-fail to wound (*you need magical help to wound on a 1+ though)
Characters must move to Front Rank if able (No more scaredy-cats in the 2nd rank)



John@Plastic Legions said...

"1+ doesn't auto-fail to wound (*you need magical help to wound on a 1+ though)"

Doesn't that mean you just auto wound?, I dont get the distinction in the language there, If you manage to be wounding on 1+'s via magic why not just quantify it as saying you "automatically wound" what I am missing?

again big props for staying diligent on the WFB rules

Domus said...

John - It CAN mean that you auto-wound.

The "To Wound" chart only goes down to a 2+. Str 10 still wounds T2 on a 2+.

However, if you cast the Flaming Sword of Ruin on a cannon which normally wounds on a 2+, it now wounds on a 1+. So yes, it ultimately auto-wounds.

The only way to get the 'auto-wound' though is with some kind of magical assistance. (*I'm not sure what else exists out there besides Flam.Sword)


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