Sunday, May 1, 2011

Final Pieces for the Desert Table

The newest acquisitions have now all been painted and I'm finished with all of the terrain I'm going to make for the desert table.  I will at some point in the future come back and add some more of the specialty terrain.

Here are a few pieces from a company called Itar's Workshop.  These are fully assembled resin pieces that were created using Hirst Arts molds.  In addition to being very detailed they are also inexpensive.   The pyramid for example is only $12.99.


Here are my ghost fences.  I unsuccessfully attempted to create them from polystyrene foam before settling on these resin pieces from Armorcast.

Next up is my Sorcerous Portal.  Again it's a resin piece, this time from a company called Scotia Grendel.  I stumbled on their stuff while scouring Ebay.  They make some unbelievably awesome Egyptian stuff.  The unfortunate thing is the bulk of it is not aged or ruined, but in pristine condition.  I assume it's meant to play historicals.  Fortunatly, they did have this little ruined gateway piece that I just had to figure out how to include in the collection.  I attached the piece to a hardboard base with a piece of polystyrene foam on the back.


Finally, here is the final shot of this piece with the resin water applied.


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