Thursday, May 26, 2011

Favorite Podcast Phrases - Bits and Bobs

As I listen to a fair amount of Warhammer Fantasy Podcasts (ok I listen to all of them) I've grown to love the expressions that some of the guys are using.  I figured I would share some of my favorites with definitions/origins provided by The Phrase Finder.
BITS AND BOBS:  Used to refer to pocket change, specifically coins.  "Bit" (three-penny bit or six-penny bit) and "Bob" (shilling or twelve pence).  The phrase has now lost its association with coins. Bits and bobs are useful, even necessary, things. This is all together different than Odds and ends, which are usually leftovers.
The boys on HeelanHammer use it when referencing the various pieces that make up the army.  To be fair, Dan uses it just about anywhere he can squeeze it in.


retroalias said...

Looking at the stats I notice that I have a 140 views on this page today. LOL, thanks goes to the Warhammer Celebrity Mr. Heelan for the twitter shout out.

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