Monday, May 9, 2011

Construction of a Tomb Kings List

I'm currently working on my 3K list for Mid West Rampage and it struck me just how well the new Tomb Kings book has been written.  Simply put, they have made it impossible for me to have all my toys.  On the surface that is good for balance and good for the game.  But there is another, more subtle, layer to it as well.  Because I can't have everything I'm forced to make a choice.  I have to decide to take unit A or unit B, based on the evaluation of how each potential unit would fulfill a specific role in my larger battle plan.  As a self professed hobby nut it's great that the book forces me to think this through. Without it I would simply just put out the best looking units.
In terms of army composition I really see three distinct types of armies available from the new book.  The first is the classic Tomb Kings infantry army that includes large blocks of skeletons.  Often you would see many shooting elements included in the army which was would be defensively castled up in the corner in 6th/7th edition.  Considering the overall sweeping changes of 8th editions and the important changes to shooting in the army book (can't make the SSC shoot twice) I think this army will still be viable if provided enough magical support and shooting was relegated to a supporting role. 
The next army type I see is the animated construct army.  Reminds me a little bit of the forest spirit WE army in that it would include all the big nasties like Ushabti, Knights, Stalkers, Sphinxes, etc.  Essentially an army full of heavy hitters.  While it would pack a heck of a punch the army needs something to assist with the protracted combats that are so prevalent in 8th.  One interesting thing about this army type is that much of the army would revolve around new unit types that I have no experience with.  I look forward to fielding this army and seeing what roles each of these new units excel at.  
A third army type I see is the fast attack army that would be made up with mobile movement units like chariots, cavalry, carrion and a few of the big nasties, like sphinxes, sprinkled in for good measure.  I think this would be a tougher army to make work as you would have to be much more selective in choosing your targets given the propensity of larger units in 8th edition.  Also, I think this army could struggle as their units are either too small or fragile to be able to hold on to their points.  I guess if you just route them by smashing them on the way in there really isn't an issue!


Equinox said...

I believe there is a fourth option and that is the magical onslaught army. Tomb kings gave a number of different ways to increase their dice pool or lower the number of dice needed for a spell. Combined with the various bound items (casket of souls, Heirotitan, etc.), I think an army that focuses on the magic phase for damage may be viable until you get into the higher point levels (2500+).

Of the three "themes" you listed, I love the idea of the fast attack army. I think you are right that someone playing this style of army will need to be very selective in their targets, but a couple of well timed charges (two units of chariots) could do enough on the first turn to break even a big unit.

I am really looking forward to reading your battle reports.

retroalias said...

You are absolutely correct and Rhellion posted a possible 'ard boys list over on the Garagehammer forum.

LVL 4 Heirophant, earthing rod, 4+ ward
LVL 4 Death, nefarra's scroll
LVL 1 Death, dispel scroll
Prince, gw, 2+ armor, dragonbane gem
40 Skeletons
40 Skeletons
6 Chariots, banner of eternal flame
30 Tomb Guard, res banner
Warsphynx, breath
Warsphynx, breath
Warsphynx, breath

It is exactly as you describe. This army could have some very powerful magic phases. But I wonder what a poor magic roll would do. Only time will tell! At MWR I'm probably going to be running an infantry heavy army with some of the new toys like the War Sphinx and the Knights. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

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