Monday, May 9, 2011

Banner of the Hidden Dead

Nominate one unit of infantry, cavalry or chariots under 150 points and they get the Entombed Beneath the Sand Special rule.  Simple enough, but here is my dilemma.  If you have to take a minimum of 3 chariots to form a unit then how exactly can you have a unit under 150 points?


Equinox said...

When I first read the banner, I had the same thought. Seems like a nice trick with chariots, but there is no way to do it based on cost. I am thinking that the banner may be best used on a unit of skeleton archers. This would allow for them to get into a comfortable position where they can start a skirmish unit or a well placed warmachine.

John M said...

Not having the new book yet what does the entombed beneath the sand special rule do?

retroalias said...

Very similar to the old "it comes from below" except scattering is more likely and they come on as reinforcements which means no charging.

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