Thursday, May 5, 2011

Army of Rasetra

It is the 2nd rising of the 7th dynasty, the 2nd age of Rakesh the Enduring, lifeless ruler of Rasetra. 
Enclosed by dense jungle to the south and sealed to its fate by mountains to the west sits the once proud city of Rasetra.  Celebrated is the history of its resistance to the Chaos wrought on Nehekhara by the Great Usurper.  However, that was a story from a time long past.  Now is a new chapter, forged by enemies awakened from the deep unknown which encapsulates the city to the south.  This cold blooded menace has drawn the ill-fated attention of King Rakesh, whose limitless lust for subjugation and dominance is as strong in death as it was in life.  Regaining the ability to harness the power of these great thunder lizards, Rasetra has made good use of these fresh conscripts to create terrible regiments of knights and chariots that wreak pain and destruction onto all that oppose the will of the King.
Now is the 2nd time of Rakesh the Enduring. His cup for conquest has spilled over and now the army of Rasetra will now leave an indelible mark on the rest of the world.


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