Wednesday, May 18, 2011

2 Hour Desert Themed Display Board

Last night I unfortunately determined that the display board I was
planning to use at Mid West Rampage was too small to contain the army
I'm taking.  As I had the materials on hand I decided to make another
display board.  But this time I decided to make it more interesting by
setting a goal of getting it completed in 2 hours.  That's from
packaged cork board to finished display base, in real time, with none
of that stopping the clock to let the paint dry shenanigans.

Step 1 - Layout the Army.  The cork board is 22" x 18".  It's made by
"The Board Dudes" and is available at Target for $9.

 Step 2 - Tape off the frame.  As it turns out this was not only was
this a waste of time, it was a terrible idea too!  The painters tape
actually removed some of the material on the frame and I had to
repaint the edge anyway.

Step 3 - Create foam insert.  Cut a piece of 1" blue insulation foam
to fit inside the frame (20 1/4 x 16 1/4).  Use a hot wire tool and
make the edge look a little more interesting.  This will also make is
easier to dry brush.

 Step 4 - Texture.  Glue the foam down to the cork board.  Next cover
the board with glue an sprinkled sand over the top. Shake off the

Step 5 - Paint.  Unsurprisingly this was the longest step.  Paint the
edge of the foam with Dark Burnt.  Then dry brush the area with
Mudstone followed by Sandstone.  Paint the sanded surfaces with Golden
Brown.  Dry brush the areas with Spiced Tan followed by AC Flesh.

Step 6 - Remove the painters tape and touch up the frame with black.

Looking at the completed display board and I'm fairly happy with the
result.  I'm am sad to say that it actually took me 2 1/2 hours when I
count in clean up time!


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Looking good amigo!

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