Friday, April 1, 2011

Slay me some music...

So I'm working on the the Slayers and I what I find most interesting is that they are pulling me in and making me spend way more time on them then I should.  I guess it is because I've not had a chance to paint flesh in so long that I feel compelled to take a little further.  Before I jumped in I took a quick refresher course on painting flesh from the Painting Clinic.  If you haven't seen any of Tony's videos you should really check them out.  I used to game at Brookhurst Hobbies (Southern California) back in the day with Tony and believe me when I say that his stuff will make you cry in person, it's that good.  He is an amazing painter. 

So back to the Slayers.  They are coming along nicely as I've really only have the beards and some minor details left on them.  Here is a pic of my almost finished musician.  I went pretty pale on the skin using just Dwarf Flesh, Elf Flesh and Pale Flesh paints.  Hopefully I will learn a few tricks when doing up these 9 slayers so when I turn my attention to my Slayer hero he will turn out amazing.


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