Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rules of the Day - Template Hits

First off - Sorry I missed yesterday folks. I was at the Ardboyz Round 1 tourney in Springfield, IL which ran most of the day for me and when I got him I was just exhausted.

I did manage to win all 3 of my games and come in first and bring home a box of corsairs and flagellants both for the DE army I will be building next.

Rule of the Day 04/17/2011 - Template Hits

This one isn't a rule so much but some diagrams I worked up re: Template hits.

# of Hits
20mm Unit - 5 x 5 - 21 models
40mm Unit - 3 x 3 - 9 models
20mm Unit - 5x5 - with 25x50 Char - 18 20mm + Char.

25mm unit - 5 x 5 - 15 Models
25 x 50mm Unit - 7 x 2 - 8 Models

# of Hits

20mm Unit - 7 x 7 - 45 models
40mm Unit - 4 x 4 - 15 models
20mm Unit - 7 x 7 - with 25x50 Char - 38-39 20mm + Char.

25mm unit - 6 x 6 - 30 Models
25 x 50mm Unit - 6 x 3 - 18 Models

I have tested these using the 3 templates I got from the Island of Blood plus a sheet from a GW customizable movement tray (20mm on 1 side, 25mm on the other). They are 99.5% accurate using that sheet as a 'template' under the template (if that makes any sense at all). There are a couple of close calls on the 20mm which might result in 1 less and I would be fine to default to 1 less on those personally.



chuck said...

are the center of the templates supposed to be centered on individual models?

Domus said...

The rules don't mention being centered. They only state that the center MUST be over a single model.

Cheers - D

MattMcD31 said...

You get more hits on 25mm wide models either cave or foot if its exactly centered on a model. Troops are 75mm wide and the template is 76+mm wide so can hit 5 models wide

Domus said...

If you are using an odd frontage that would be true (like frontage of 5). But with an even frontage, I used 6 in my example, I found that the corner was the best spot for the hole.

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