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Rule of the Day - Standard Bearers

Rule of the Day 04/13/2011

Apologies for being so late today delivering the RotD! Busy Day!

Lots to talk about here, so some paraphrasing is in order. (*and the assumption made that readers understand a standard has to actually be in combat to give the bonuses)

B.S.B. = Battle Standard Bearer

Standard Bearers
pg. 95
If your unit includes a Standard bearer it receives +1 Combat Result, (pg. 54 also)
(this is limited to a maximum bonus of +1 per combat - pg 94)

The standard bearer cannot normally be removed as a casualty unless only he and the champion (if there is one) remain in the unit. ....... Another rank and file warrior is still assumed to pick up the banner. If the only other remaining model in the unit is the champion, the standard bearer must be removed as a casualty before him.

** Your unit standard can neither be killed, nor removed unless the only other model is a champ. If that is the case the standard HAS to be removed.

Last Stand
If a unit breaks from combat, the standard bearer is slain immediately - remove the model. His place must be taken by a rank-and-file model from the rear rank of the unit, if there is one available.

**Standards die when units break! This is an exception to the above statements. No need to worry about 'capturing' standards now unless a non-standard scenario calls for it. VP are awarded for standards being killed by the book. (Seized Standards pg 143)

pg. 107 (BSB)
A B.S.B. gives +1 to a Combat Result which DOES Stack with a normal standard (pg 54)

To represent the battle standard's steadying presence, friendly models within 12" to re-roll failed Leadership tests of any kind, including Panic tests, Break tests, Fear tests, Rally tests and so on.

As with other standard bearers, the battle standard bearer is automatically killed if he flees from combat - he dies on his feet, defending the precious standard to his last breath.

** If you can't kill his BSB break the unit which will kill the BSB anyways!

The moral of the story here - put Standards in your units! They are also great for the Blood & Glory scenario (though standards in week units can work against you)

Hope this helps! Game on!



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