Monday, April 11, 2011

Rule of the Day - Ranks for Steadfast

Rule of the Day 04/11/2011

Suggested by Sandals @ The Ogre Stronghold
and Jim Emerick - T.O. for The Midwest Rampage

pg 54 + Current BRB FAQ
If a defeated unit has more ranks than its enemy, it takes its Break test without applying the difference in the combat result scores.

Simply put, a unit is considered to be steadfast if it has more ranks than its enemy. As with calculating extra ranks for the purposes of combat resolution, the ranks have to be five or more models wide for the unit to be treated as being steadfast.

*skipping flavor text*

It should be noted that a unit does not lose its steadfast status for being disrupted. A flank charge might be able to disrupt a unit, but it can't prevent the warriors in that unit realising they outnumber the foe.

Important notes
Unlike calculating extra ranks, there is no exception stated for ranks after the fighting rank. (pg 52)
In game terms this means - A unit of 15 archers deployed in a line is charged in the front by a dragonrider. The dragonrider causes 7 wounds, the archers none. The unit is now 8 models vs. the dragonrider. Because there is 1 rank (the fighting rank IS still a rank and there is NO exception for steadfast) the unit will be steadfast vs. the dragonrider.

Disrupted Units still count ranks for Steadfast.
Big tarpit units can take flank / rear charges and still be steadfast allowing you to get units into the flank / rear of that enemy.



Roder said...

I *hate* that disrupted units are still steadfast. It's hard enough to get a flank in 8th, then to have two ranks of 5 to ensure disruption. For the enemy to stay steadfast in that situation reeks of poor game design to me.

Domus said...

I have no love for that either and recent discussed that with Emerick. He brought up some valid points to think about - like that 50 point units of infantry could disrupt steadfast being an issue. I agreed with that but also thought 50 point units being steadfast forever is ALSO an issue.

John@Plastic Legions said...

just to be clear, the fighting rank only needs to be ONE model to count as a rank?, follow up ranks need to be five models wide to count as a "a rank"?
James I appreciate this series of post, there is alot in them I didnt have grips on, so kudos!

Domus said...

The fighting rank must be at least 5 models to be a rank if infantry/cav and 3 models if monstrous infantry/cav.

Thanks John!

Hashut's Blessing said...

Doesn't disrupting say that you negate the rank bonus? In which case, you discount their benefits entirely, which would include counting towards Steadfast.

As said, you need a minimum of 5 (or 3 for monstrous guys) wide to count as a rank to begin with.

Domus said...

Hashut - Disruption - pg 52 - A unit does not receive combat result points for extra ranks as long as it is disrupted.

The rules for Disruption ONLY negate ranks for Combat Res.

The Steadfast rules specifically state ranks. Not Extra Ranks for combat res.


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