Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Rule of the Day - Ranking Skirmishers

Rule of the day 04/20/2011

Today's rule of the day comes from @amysrevenge via Twitter!

pg 77
If skirmishers declare a charge (or a charge reaction that does not involve fleeing) they immediately tighten their loose formation into a 'normal' formation before the charge distance is rolled. This happens 'for free' at the moment the unit declares the charge or is called upon to make a charge reaction. The unit immediately forms up in base contact around the center-most model in the front rank - if the front rank has an even number of models, and therefore two center-most models, the Skirmishers' controlling player can choose which of the two models the unit will form up around.

Big change from 6th / 7th edition. Skirmishers 'rank up' the second they Declare a charge or React (except flee) from a charge.

The only real tactical use I can see is that having an even number of models in the front rank gives you roughly the ability to shift favorably 1/2" to the left or right. Might be enough to cause / avoid a favorable overrun.

Note - Skirmishers NEVER get a rank bonus or can be steadfast. (pg 77)
Skirmishers ARE stubborn if the MAJORITY of its models are in a forest. (pg 119)

Note from @amysrevenge - Because they rank up before distances are rolled, the act of a skirmishing unit ranking up could potentially result in you failing a charge. Be mindful of how skirmishers will 'condense' before declaring that charge.



Mutter said...

A really dirty trick making use of this:
Have two units of (fairly big) skirmishers in single-file congas facing AWAY from the enemy next to each other.

Enemy unit declares a charge, skirmishers 1 contract, enemy would fail charge.
Re-directs, skirmishers 2 contract as well, another failed charge.

That way, you never have to flee (and therefore rally) with your skirmishers aand can still slow the opponent to a crawl ...

Very nasty stuff, and not THAT difficult to pull off.

chuck said...

wanna cover flaming banner/attacks, how it effects magical weapons, does it confer magical attacks to the unit, and causes fear in certain units.

Domus said...

Nice trick Mutter! I will remember that.

Already done Chuck, some of the first RotD!

Hashut's Blessing said...

Something to bear in mind though is that because they cannot have ranks, they cannot negate the rank bonus of the opponent either. Must be wary about relying on that. Also, they don't remove someone else's steadfast as a result.

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