Saturday, April 9, 2011

Rule of the Day - Non Pivoting Chariots

Rule of the Day 04/09/2011

Tom McClure & I were teaching our great friend Caius the ins & outs of 8th edition tonight. Back in 6th edition, Caius played this mean goblin wolfrider army with lots of chariots. The new book/rules are making that very real to field again so he wanted to take some units and the new rules for a test drive.

I was very interested to notice a missing rule (from previous editions) and new it to be the next Rule of the Day.

pg 86 - There is no longer a special movement rule under the unit type Chariots to allow them to pivot instead of wheeling.

I expect it will become even more prevalent with goblin chariots now being able to take units of 1-3 and even more so once the Tomb Kings army book lands.

**EDIT - I did some more digging and found it - pg 27 allows a LONE chariot to pivot, just not a unit of chariots.

pg 27 - The one exception is that a single model can pivot on the spot as many times as it wishes over the course of its move.



Hashut's Blessing said...

Fairly certain that a single model is an infantry model, although this may be left-over memories from 6th and 7th edition, lol. Some clarification would be nice please!

Domus said...

Hashut - A single model is not necessarily an infantry model.

Pg 27 does cover Lone Models and how they move. They can pivot when moving normally but must adhere to the charging rules when charging ( 1 wheel, etc..).

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