Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rule of the Day - Inspiring Presence


Another crazy busy day.. This rule of the day comes to you from a random opening of the book and was the first rule I saw.

pg 107
Providing that the General is not fleeing, all friendly units within 12" use his Leadership instead of their own. Remember that a General with the Large Target rule (or who is riding a Large Target) has his Inspiring Presence range increased to 18".

Nice trade-off for having a cannon target all over your back. :-)



MattMcD31 said...

The New Tomb King Death Mask will be the the perfect item to cause havoc with this rule! I causes Terror and causes any unit within 6" to not be able to use the General's Inspiring Presence and The BSB's Hold Your Ground

Domus said...

That item sounds freaking ugly.

Anonymous said...

I would also like to point out that the rule states that all units within 12" use his leadership (not may use his leadership). Hit the general with the -3 leadership spell and everything within 12" is affected.

Mutter said...

Some units (hellpit abomination) also have a higher leadership then the general (Skaven: max. 7), so you're better off keeping them OUT of the leadership bubble.

Land said...

There is no way to increase bsb bubble in a simliar fashion, like giving him a large mount?

Domus said...

Short of some army specific item I'm not aware of there is no way to increase the range of the BSB.

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