Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rule of the Day - Flaming + Magic Weapons

Rule of the Day 04/05/2011

pg 69 BRB - Flaming Attacks

Unless otherwise stated, a model with this special rule has both Flaming shooting and close combat attacks (though any spells cast by the model are unaffected, as are any attacks made with magic weapons they might be wielding).

In short, the only way that attacks from magical weapons will be flaming is if the weapon has the Flaming rule itself.

That character with the Fencers Blades in a unit with the Banner of Eternal Flame will not count as having Flaming Attacks.

Tactical Uses - Only a few I can think of though there are likely others...
Put a Char. in a unit with the Flaming Banner across from Dragon Princes. Dragon Princes charge think they can't be hurt and the character proceeds to whoop up on them. This also works vs. Characters with the Dragonhelm or Dragonbane gem.



Michael said...

This rule does have a grey area.

Chaos Knight's Ensorcelled blades are weapons that are magical but are not explicitly Magic Weapons in the strictest sense. It's worth checking with your tournament organiser / opponent to see what they think.

Wight blades are explicitly mundane weapons with magical attacks, so this doesn't apply to Grave Guard etc.

Domus said...

Interesting - Pulled out the WoC book to check it out.

WoC pg 46 - "Ensorcelled weapons count as magical weapons and grant +1 Strength to the wielder."

Looks spelled out pretty clearly.

My guess is that was never thought about and the wording should read as "grant magical attacks" as I believe that was the intention.

Thanks for bringing up the point!

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