Monday, April 4, 2011

Rule of the Day - Flaming Attacks & Regen

As I'm working my way through understanding 8th edition I am going to start a new post series - Rule of the Day.

For me, the best way to learn the new ruleset (& I mean really learn it - enough to be a competent rules judge for a tourney) is to ;
a) Play lots of games
b) Answer Rules questions online using the BRB
*typing out the answers really helps them stick for me

The plan is for these to typically be more obscure rules but I truly expect all kinds. Most of these will likely come up from either games or online rules questions.

Rule of the Day 04/04/2011
pg 74 BRB
Wounds caused by Flaming Attacks cannot be regenerated, and if a unit is wounded by a Flaming Attack it loses the Regeneration rule for the remainder of the phase (it can be used later in the turn, though - it just takes a short time for Regeneration to overcome the flames).

Tactical Use - Always use Flaming attacks first vs. Regenerating units when applicable. (Thank you Mr. Obvious)

With Lizards this gives me 2 main tactics.
1) Sallie Fire on a Hydra / Abom / Trolls / etc. followed up by Chameleon Skinks. Removal of Regen lets the Cham. Skinks poison work its magic.

2) Saurus hero with Burning Blade in a unit of Saurus. Saurus hero goes first (due to I) and the remaining saurus unit attacks also ignore Regen. NICE!



Rhellion said...

ALSO! Remember that units with Flaming Attacks get to re-roll to wound against units inside of buildings when shooting or in melee.

Domus said...

Also a good point to remember! Thanks!

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