Friday, April 15, 2011

Rule of the Day - Characteristics & You

Rule of the day 04/15/2011

Because I NEVER remember the rule on Characteristics tests I thought it was time it became a rule of the day.

pg. 10

To make a characteristic test, roll a D6 and compare the score to the relevant characteristic in the model's profile. If the score is equal to or less than the number in the profile, the test is passed with no ill effect. If the score is greater than the number in the model's profile, the test has been failed, and something nasty will occur, as detailed in the rule that called for the test. (*no kidding*)

When a model (or a unit) has more than one value for the same characteristic, as is the case with cavalry, for example, a characteristic test is always taken against the highest of the values.

6 on a D6 = Auto Fail
1 on aD6 = Auto Pass

Characteristic = 0 then Auto Fail

Hopefully this will help me remember, if not, I'll just get McClure to take a life wizard and start casting Dwellers on me more often.

Less than or equal to, to pass a Characteristic test.

Another important rule to remember is that characteristics go from 0 - 10. Never higher, never lower. pg 3 (I've had this come up with Time warp, extra attacks, etc...)

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Lindh said...

They can actually go higher than 10 by random bonuses. Like a sword granting +D6 attacks can grant more. It's been FAQed.

Domus said...

Good call! I'll check that out!

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