Monday, April 25, 2011

Rule of the Day - Buildings (Garrison & Assault)

Rule of the Day 04/25/2011
Hi all - hope everyone enjoyed the holiday. I ate lots and enjoyed a rainy weekend at home.

All of the detailed rules about who can Garrison or Assault buildings though are found elsewhere in the book. Sadly, these weren't gathered in any singular place in the BRB so my hope is to gather them all here to help give us a fighting chance. This was suggested by Aussie over @ IWFB.

Garrisoning Buildings (pg 126 to start)

The following unit types can garrison buildings;
Note - Only 1 unit can ever garrison a single building at a time.
Monstrous Infantry
War Beasts
Monstrous Beasts
War Machines can also be deployed in buildings but they can never move except to pivot on the spot. (pg 109)

Assaulting Buildings

Notes - only a single unit may assault a building.
I'm finding it very interesting that it never states which units can, or can't assault a building in the building rules. The rules simply state "The only way to take an occupied building is by the bloody tactic of storming in with one of your units.". (other rules further qualify some units as being able to assault {or not assault} buildings.)

The following units may assault buildings but will only drive a unit out, they can never occupy the building themselves.
Cavalry -(pg. 83)
Monstrous Cavalry -(pg 83) *they follow the same rules as cav
Monsters - (pg 85)

It's worth noting then that the only units who may not assault buildings are Chariots.

Unique units aren't covered here at all as I don't have each of the books handy to go through, this would be a good one for a later date.

Hope this helps you get your building on!



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