Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rule of the Day - Bound Spells

Rule of the Day 04/19/2011

This rule of the day comes from none other than THE PAUL VINTON of finer central IL.

pg. 37

Casting Bound Spells
A bound spell is cast just like an ordinary spell using dice from the power pool (the model may do so even if it is not a wizard). The required casting value is equal to the bond spell's power level. Note that bound spells never benefit from any casting modifiers that the user might have (Wizard Level, magic items, etc..). On the other hand, failing to cast a bound spell does not break a wizard's concentration, as using an item that contains a bound spell normally would not require anything more complex than uttering a single word of activation. (Anal'nathrak)

Other points of note from the rulebook (pg 37 still)
- Bound spells are always an unboosted version (if applicable)
- Bound spells can be dispelled like any other spells
- Bound Spells can be cast with Irresistible Force but never miscast.
*If the Bound Spell is contained with a magic item of some kind, the item crumbles to dust and cannot be used again during the game. Do not roll on the miscast table.
*If the bound spell is an innate ability - then the model simply cannot cast further bound spells during this phase. Do not roll on the miscast table.



MattMcD31 said...

This makes one use bound items the perfect candidate for a 6 Dice roll!

Domus said...

If you have the dice to spare - absolutely.

Innate abilities are also great for this if you have no other bounds to cast.

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