Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rule of the Day - Accepting a Challenge

Rule of the Day 04/07/2011

pg 102
If your opponent has issued a challenge, you can now accept it with one of your characters or champions whose unit is in base contact with the unit containing the issuer of the challenge. Note that a character does not have to be in base contact with an enemy to accept or issue a challenge, just part of a unit that is. The two models will now fight, as described in Fighting a Challenge, below.

Related FAQ
Q: After accepting a challenge must the challenged model always
move into base contact with the enemy model that issued the
challenge? (p102)
A: If the challenged model is on his own then he must move
into base contact. If the challenged model is in a unit he must
move as long as it does not require leaving his unit. Where it is
not possible for base contact to be made then leave the models
where they are and simply assume that the two models are in
base contact.

Two big changes from 7th edition
1 - You don't have to be in a fighting rank to accept (or issue) challenges any longer. Anyone can accept.
2 - The accepter has to move, not the issuer (as long as he doesn't have to leave his unit)

Ultimately I just intended this to be about the change to who can accept as it a big change from 6th / 7th.

But the accepter moving has to be discussed.

Per the letter of the FAQ - the accepter has to move into B2B if he is on his own. So a dragonrider charges the rear of a ranked unit. If the dragonrider issues, the champ moves to him. If the dragonrider Fails to issue a challenge and the champ does then the dragonrider moves to the champ. Bye Bye Rear Charge Bonus. Be prepared for this in your games.

Lots of "Spirit of the Game" issues here but that is the current literal reading of the rules.



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So you could technically flank a unit and still call out a challenge?

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