Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rule of the Day - 1" Apart

Rule of the Day 04/14/2011

Hello everyone!

Today's RotD comes from Jake Murhpy from IWFB
and also an indirect nod to Erik Lindley & Tom McClure from Brohammer as they discussed it in an Episode of Brohammer (Episode 1 I believe).

pg 13

Whilst moving, a unit is not allowed to approach closer than 1" to another unit, friend or foe, or impassible terrain.

You'll notice that this rule does not apply to the charge moves discussed later. This is quite sensible, as the whole point of charging is to get a unit into base contact with an enemy. Occasionally, a unit will have approached within 1" of a unit it did not charge as the result of moving into contact with a unit it did charge. This is perfectly acceptable, although players may wish to nudge the units further apart to maintain a suitable degree of clarity.

1. Friendly units have to stay 1" apart. This rule is probably broken (unintentionally) more than any other rule in the game of Warhammer. Even if you put your units 1" apart, if they are parallel to each other, the minute you wheel one of those units you have an issue (unless of course you moved forward FIRST, getting more than 1" away). Lots of folks don't hold their opponents to these rules. I choose to hold myself to them and will encourage others to do the same.

2. This rule is disregarded when charging.

3. You have to stay 1" away from Impassible Terrain (which includes buildings). Assaulting or Garrisoning a building being exceptions to this rule also.

Hope this helps you get your game on!



Rob G said...

One way in which this rule can be exploited is in the watchtower scenario. It's happened several times when I play this scenario with my empire, that I charge the steam tank into a nearby enemy unit and the tank will end up within 1" of the tower. If the tower is unoccupied at the games end and I haven't moved the tank, I win due to the tank's proximity.

Nice right?

Domus said...

Kudos if you can pull that off.

Your opponent has a couple of ways to foul up your plans (Flee - if its the bottom of the last turn, or get in a building on the bottom of the turn if it's the top of the turn)

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