Sunday, April 24, 2011

More Desert Terrain

Finished the pyramid, I'm pleasantly surprised by how well my find turned out.  One trick that I've found to make varying terrain from different sources work well together is to add some consistent details to all the pieces and use a uniform color pallet.  For all of my desert pieces I added some additional texture using sand and painted everything up using one of two color palettes (one for buildings and the other for sand).

I still need 2 more buildings to finish the table and I'm leaning towards doing some more out of foam core unless I can find some more of these pyramids.  I'm also in need of some ghost fences.  Here is my work in progress.

For anyone wondering why I'm plowing through the terrain, it's because I have some awesome Tomb King stuff waiting for me at the painting station!


Spanky_100 said...

Looking good Rob. What Tomb King models did you get and did they arrive already???

retroalias said...

I've ordered some of all the new models except the Tomb Guard, I will pick those up later. They are not here yet but they will be here by May 4th. One of the few advantages to living in Memphis. In the interim I need to get my plastic stegadon built which will be the basis for my new spynx. Also, I'm using Cold ones for the new heavy cav so I have some conversion work to get to!

I already have a really big TK army (Army of Rasetra), but it can always go bigger! Here is a few pix of some of the older models.

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