Friday, April 22, 2011

It's been a GOOD Friday!

I spent the better part of today getting the first batch of desert terrain finished.  I'm really pleased with how they turned out and even happier that, apart from the trees, I spent very little money.  So here are the pix.

Wizards Tower.  Do you notice what is strange about the tower's design?  After a coat of Krylon Clear Flat I added a random Gryphon's Sepia wash.  Also, added some grasses - Army Painter Highland and Winter grass tufts and Woodland Scenic tall grass (no idea about the color as I've had it for years). 

Forests, 2 dense and 1 sparse.  This should add a little spice to the table as they are all not identical.  Again, after a coat of Krylon Clear Flat I added the same grasses as on the Wizards Tower.  Remember to use super glue to mount the tufts as the adhesive backing alone is not robust enough to keep it in place.  As I mentioned before all the trees are removable.  I'm hoping that their fit will loosen up over time.


Nehekharan Quick Sand.  This turned out very cool and hopefully the pictures will do it justice.  Essentially this was a piece of hard board with a ridge of blue foam around the edge.  This essentially made a bowl which I filled with Envirotex which then had craft sand added to while it was still wet.  After painting and sealing I added a little more Envirotext around the edge to give the impression of water hiding just under the sandy crust.

 Nehekharan Spynx.  Don't have the Spynx yet, but I do have the base!  Again out of foam core and painted just like the Wizards Tower.

  That's it for now.  Did you notice there are no doors or even a discernible entrance to the tower.  You will truly have to be a wizard to get inside.  :)


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