Friday, April 22, 2011

Is it Saturday yet?

For the desert table I wanted to have some modular walls painted up to match the rest of the terrain.  After some Internet scouring I settled on using some blocks from Hirst Arts t build the walls.  For those that don't know Hirst Arts makes molds that can be used to cast up a ton of various pieces, with which you can assemble a whole host of things.  There are several folks online that sell pre-cast parts as Hirst Arts only sells the molds themselves.  I decided on the Egyptian style blocks (Mold ##95) and I wanted the blocks to be resin rather than Hydroplast. Unfortunately, I was unable to find anyone that was casting up that mold in resin.  However, I did find a company, LR Hobbies, on Ebay casting up another basic block set in resin.  I ordered up 8 sets and they arrived today.  Tonight I quickly assembled a bunch of walls.  I'm stoked with how they turned out and I'm looking forward to seeing them painted.  I will also be turning a few of these into ghost fences. 

I also had enough blocks left over to make a small pool which should look pretty neat when painted and filled with Envirotex.

This evening I went out and hit the various pet stores in the area.  My search mainly hit several dead ends as most of the stuff I found was either distinctly Greek or Roman, either of which wouldn't fit the Nehekharan theme.  But I did manage to snag this small plastic piece for $5 at Petco.  Once painted it should make a fine acropolis of heroes.


Kuffeh said...

Great looking work dude. Some nice pieces of terrain, the board and terrain is shaping up to look really good.

Spanky_100 said... are a machine!

retroalias said...

Thanks! I trying to get the board finished up by next weekend as my shipment of TK will arrive and after that I won't have any motivation to paint any more terrain. :)

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