Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Final Brawler Bash Post

Here is the final installment from the Brawler Bash.  It's an assortment of of random pictures that I thought were cool, funny or just plain weird.  Hopefully, you all got Erik's link to the full posting of all of the pix from the weekend.

 Coolest trophies for an Indy GT that I've seen.

A few of the many really great armies.

Tony D pontificating on his next move!

More awesome armies...

A few of the great folks I met over the weekend.

Mr. Robbie "No Pictures Please" Rob himself!

Team Canada plans their assault!

If there is a worse picture I have not found it.

The EPIC battle between Joe and Jason. 

The Award Ceremony (I missed a couple of awards)

Back to back whipping boy in two straight tourneys.

Best sport.

Best Appearance

Grand Champion


Johnny Hastings said...

Kewl post. I enjoyed. Me thinks the Bear will take offense to that 'kewlest trophies' comment there at the top! Where's the pic of their bad ass logo some super awesome guy designed for them?

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