Monday, April 18, 2011

Desert Terrain

After about a week of downtime since returning from the Brawler Bash it's now full speed ahead on the next project.  I've always wanted some nice terrain to go with my large Tomb King army, and now I have the opportunity.  I'm building a table full of desert terrain for Midwest Rampage in May.   For the forests I'm using palm trees from Pegasus Hobbies.  I first saw these trees maybe 8-9 years ago when our local painting guru in SoCal painted some up (thanks Tony!).  I'm using a mix of tall and short trees to get a more natural look.   I copied his basic color scheme and substituted craft paint for the Vallejo colors.  I also cut off the cheap plastic mounts on the top of the 8 1/2" trees replaced it with a brass rod.  It makes the tree much more sturdy.  Foliage started with a spray of Krylon Hunter Green followed by a dusting of Krylon Italian Olive.  Then it was a simple matter of a drybrush of Spanish Olive (cheap craft paint from Michaels) then a light dry brush of  Folk Arts Yellow Ochre.  The trunks were sprayed with Krylon Boot Brown followed by a heavy wash of Ceramcoat dark burnt umber.  Successive Drybrushes of Ceramcoat Mudstone, Sandstone, Raw Linen.  Finally the top of the trunk was hit with a light drybrush of Ivory.  The bases of the trees will be trextured and painted to match the wooden forest base.  I then glued a 1/8" wooden dowel into the bottom of each tree and a matching hole in the wood base. This makes the trees removable for the times when a unit enters the woods.  Not sure if the pegs will last long term, but but it's much easier than the mounting them with magnets.  Plus the way it ended up any tree can be put into any hole, which is great after playing with some of the forests at the Brawler Bash where each treee had a specific matching hole.  The wooden bases are just 3/16 plywood.  I went for this rather than 1/8" hardboard so that it was a little more sturdy since I'm ging to texture the whole thing with sand.



Spanky_100 said...

They look great!

retroalias said...

Thanks! Not sold on the alternate style tress on the right. Looking forward to working on the bases.

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