Thursday, April 28, 2011

Desert Table done and dusted... almost

The sandstone tan felt I ordered arrived today and after cutting it to size I just had to snap some pix with the terrain on it!  First let me say that this material is the perfect color for a desert table and at less than $5 per yard it's extremely affordable.  Most of the terrain pieces are now finished with only a few bits and bobs remaining (is that how you spell it Dan?).  I really didn't like my home brew attempt at a ghost fence so I ordered some Armorcast pieces.  Since I was placing an order I also got a few pieces from company called Itar's Workshop, namely a resin pyramid and some obelisks made using Hirst Art molds.   These additions will really round out the collection and give it some more flexibility.  I should also note that I'm finishing up a GW plastic watchtower to add to the table as, big surprise, a watch tower.  Fortunately, I was already painting it up in a stucco color scheme which will make it blend in well with the rest of the pieces. The reflecting pool came about because I had a few extra resin blocks laying about.  It's not finished yet (still have more water and foliage) but it is already my favorite piece of the whole bunch.  Hopefully you can make out the small coins at the bottom of the pool. Here are the pix.



Tom said...

That is awesome! Love the coins in the pool, nice touch.

retroalias said...

Thanks, I was worried that the coins wouldn't come out.

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