Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Clan Blazenbeard, Done and Dusted...

to use a favorite saying from across the pond.  Short of two banner toppers the army is complete (I still have tomorrow night!).  Here are the pix of the army on the display board in all of it's glory.  I will get some better pix by hopefully better cameramen this weekend at the Brawler Bash.  One thing that I thought about today is that I decided to take the Dwarfs on Feb 24.  So in less than 6 weeks I painted painted a ton of new stuff.  I can only imagine what I could have done with more time.  Well, now it's time to start planning on what additions the Tomb Kings will get for the Midwest Rampage!  Snake Riders anyone?



Tom said...

Incredible as always.

Spanky_100 said...

Hey Rob!

It's Andrew Weber! Thanks for the pasting this weekend. Looking forward to our next game. Consider yourself trudged!


retroalias said...

Thank Tom, I'm glad to say that I'm continuing to get better!

Andrew - consider yourself grudged! Also, I'm taking your sword away from you next year! :) I'm hoping your blog has pix of your OnG, they are amazing!

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